Xsjado Ben Schwab Review(by Vince)

So its was bladers night in Long Beach on Monday and xmas was 4 days away.I was pretty bummed out because I wasn’t getting any new blades.I was riding my old Farmers and they were pretty messed up.Ben Schwab happened to show up.A while back I bought his old Stockwells from him for like 60 $ and they were in pretty good condit.Ever since then all wanted to ride was xsjados.And I was positive that I wasnt getting any new ones from my family.Then as I was sitting down Ben rolled up to me and said”Hey wanna buy my skates?”.I said nope because I didnt have any money.I asked how much and he said 100.Then I thought about it..xmas is 4 days away I should call my dad I called and my dad was on his way with the money for my new xsjados.When he got there I went to Bens car.He pulled out a box with some brand new xsjados.The whole time I thought he was giving me the ones on his feet but he actually gave me brand new ones fresh out the freaking box just for 100 dollars with frames and his pro wheels.I wanted the old basic footwrap instead of the  new one so he gave me those instead.So yea I was pretty happy with my new christmas present.Now heres a lil review:

I really like how the skates look.Its a pretty simple colorway.Green,black,and grey.As I said earlier Im not riding the origianl footwrap but if you wanna know they look cool too.I prefer the older footwrap just because Its what I’m used to.The souls are very durable and slide pretty fast.I also made the frames all black recently.If you havent rode the type-m kizer frames you should try them out.They are my favorite frames.I skat everyday and the skates have lasted a really long time.So did the wheels,I skate everywhere all day so thats how I know the wheels are good.

They have improved the straps.The velcro is alot better and they are much more durable then the previous ones.I changed the toe strap because i wanted it to be all black but the original straps are good and im gunna save them for the future.I love xsjados because they have great ankle support and flex alot but not too much.I can still do gaps without worrying about breaking my damn ankle.They are also very light which is s plus.One obvious thing about the skates is the negative soulplates.

There huge!So if your trying to learn neggies you should cop some xsjados.Overall these skates are sick and I will probably continue riding xsjados for a long time.I give the skates a 9 out of 10.Only thing I would change about them is that overtime the screws on the soulplates might get a lil stripped.To prevent that make sure you always use the allen keys that come with the skates.i used the wrong ones and bam the screw got stripped.I fixed it though.so yup good skates..try them out.

~ by efficiencyiskey on February 24, 2010.

One Response to “Xsjado Ben Schwab Review(by Vince)”

  1. fuck that nigga vince lmfao…he doesnt put any work in those xsjados like i do hahah

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