A day with:Anthony Gallegos

Xsjado ambassador himself, killed the spots all day on friday.

-top mistial

-True top porn

-top acid

-True mizou


-next spot

-true top soul

-ao soul

Here is a recent edit that is a promo for his new section coming out on achosen-few.com

~ by efficiencyiskey on February 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “A day with:Anthony Gallegos”

  1. Man anthony you are so good…that i hate watching you skate even on the internet. Nah for reals this edit was super sick. And i cant wait to see that chosen few edits. Two questions where is that park where you did that really long line. And where are those handicaps at the end of the edit??

  2. hahahaha that was a fun day, we need more of those!
    i missed out on sunday skate day T_T but it’s ok, I made money on a photoshoot 😀
    plus++++ make me a guest writer so i can post the SF article here

  3. so sick

  4. HA, i just messed with this pic on photoshop. Who took this pic BTW? love the reslution size! Anthony killin it as always!

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