COE Interview: Mathieu Ledoux

Mathieu Ledoux is the most innovative guy on skates that i have seen in a long time. His Unique skating is the type that catches the eye of people who dont know anything about rolling, its just visually appealing.
Ever since I saw Mathieu’s first edit about a year ago, I got so juiced and wanted to try all his tricks but immediatly failed. I now want to visit Quebec just to see his skating in person. He also did stunts for films such as 300, and Rollerball.

– gregory prestön

How long have you been skating for?
17 years

What is the skating scene like in Montréal?

The scene in MTL use to be really big. It went down for a few years but now it’s
growing like crazy. The community is getting solid!

When did you find a way to perfectly combine rollerblading and parkour to create your unique skating?

At one point I was getting bored of skating and I started to pratice parkour.After training for a few years I went back on my skates and it came naturally. I guess my skating now comes from within instead of outside myself.

It looks like you have so much fun while skating, do you have any advice for for people that are losing that spark for rollerblading?

Find the love in what you do.Make every moves about the moves. Dont pay to much attention about what people could think our say about your skating. OPEN your mind !

In most of your edits, we see you with your headphones getting juiced while skating. What could we find you listening to?

So many different kind of music. Inspired music !

Are you doing any traveling soon?

Ho yeah , I’am going to Cali and Arizona in april.

What could we look forward from you in the near future?

The unexpected . A street section in ………

Any shout outs?

shout outs to every one who takes the time to wach my stuff,
Julio from Valo,Leon from shop-task,OG,Yan for filming me all the time,
my wife Alison and Gregory Preston

~ by efficiencyiskey on March 19, 2010.

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