COE Intervew: Hilda Rojas

  Hilda Rojas is a sick skater out of Garden Grove California that im glad to have met. When I first saw her skating at long beach skatepark I was like ‘GOOD GOD! SHE IS FREAKIN’ SICK.” She is definatley one female roller to look out for in the future. I have seen her take some tough falls yet she gets up and tries it again, thats one thing I admire and should learn from her. Hilda is all about progression, and thats how I know that in what ever she does she comes out on top. Hopefully I can be as good as her in skating vert one day.

1. How did you start rollerblading?

I started rollerblading a few days after discovering the sport. I was watching the skateboarders do what i thought was the best skating at the time, when i was introduced to vert rollerblading. When seeing Fabiola Da Silva air, spin, and flip near the high ceilings I was instantly intrigued. Went out and bough my first pair of rollerblade down town 2s, went to my local park had fun, and skated as much as i could ever since.

2. Hows the skating scene out in Garden Grove?

Not too many rollerbladers out here locally unfortunately but there are a few near by citys I get out to like Long Beach and Santa Ana where there are consistently a lot of great skaters to roll with.

3. I know that your sick at skating vert and bowl. Can you remember the feeling of your first time dropping in?

After contemplating dropping in on the Vans 12 foot vert ramp(R.I.P) several times I finally did it. I made it down and across and slid down when I got to the other end. It was an overwhelming rush of joy. My first goal in skating had been achieved and the feeling was an addicting one.

4. Sweatstances can be a deadly trick, but you seem to have them on lock. For those who are terrified, how did you master it?

For me the key to learning that trick was leaning in and continuously stalling it until I felt comfortable grinding it.

5. I heard your about to get some new skates soon. Whats going to be the next pair?

Hoping to get some USD Carbons. I want to try something new since I have been riding Valos for so long.

6. Do you ever plan on entering any competitions?

Im excited to compete at all the Woodward West AILs and LA All Days this year.

7. What do you have planed for this year skating and non skating related?

I plan on expanding my skating as much as possible. Learning as many new things as I can at the park as well as at school. Im studying to be a fitness specialist where i am learning things about over all well being that I find beneficial to my skating.

Any shout outs?

Shout out to all the inspiring rollerbladers that continue to push themselves to take our sport to the next level.

~ by efficiencyiskey on March 30, 2010.

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