COE Interview: Gabriel Hyden

Gabriel Hyden is our favorite skater here on Co. Efficient. His skating is really one of a kind that is hard not to like. Him making an edit for us on his own shows how nice of a guy he truely is. For the past five years that I have been rollerblading his skating has been one of the most influincial. His smooth and solid skating is what makes me want to pursue that perfection that his skating has. Enjoy-gregory preston

1. You just got hurt on tour a while ago, have you made a full recovery?

I still have some issues with my hips and the right knee, but I´m able to skate. I just have to be carefull, I became an old man before i realised that. The Problem with these injuries is that they´ll hurt when even touched slightly, but do not hurt in movements, so you forget about them when having a session, and then, boom, fucked. Sit Down. Smoke a Cig. Let the Pain drift away for a couple of minutes. Go.

2. Are you working on any new sections for future videos?

I have a couple of very exciting Projects on the List. I´m not sure if i´m able to finish all of em but i´d love to. Priority will be a new solo Film by the great Brandon Negrete, which i´d really love to get something good together. Having a Section in one of his films is like, I don´t know, he´s def not going to ask just anybody you know? Other than that i´ll also try to come up in Jonas Hansson´s new flick which is going to be a really cool European skate Video, He´s going for a cool look so thats going to be interesting too. I´m also trying to collect some clips for INRI

3. Where in Austria has the sickest skate spots?

Austria has no Skatespots. But here in Tyrol we have some sick Bowls which I´ll try to get into this Summer.

4. Are you planning on doing any traveling soon?

I´ll fly over to the Panhandle Pow Wow in Florida this April, first time in the US, I´m excited, that competition seems to be such a cool thing, everybody´s shredding. Other than that I really want to go to Paris this summer, + there will be trip to Turkey this Mai. Other than that I´ll try to get arround as much as possible

5. I know that your a skilled guitarist, are you in a band?

Well i use to play with a Friend of mine, Its kinda Folk Rock, He´s on the Piano and doing the Vocals and I´m on the Guitar, but we are to lazy to really get serious at that. Its fun tho.

6. Other than rollerblading, I see that you have been doing alot of filming and editing. Is it for school or is it just for fun?

Thing got a little more serious in the past Months, I´m trying to write a Full Length feature and make it happen this year, this is going to be interessting. Other than that i work fulltime in a Film Production Company. So I´m really in that business, and i like it, film is an interresting thing.

7. I know that you were making the Cliché series. I saw the first montage on you tube (SO SICK), it was filmed so good and edited well. Do you plan on trying to bring it back to life?

I guess its dead, thats the Cliché about a Videomagazine, isn´t it?
Maybe I´ll put that whole thing online one day, thanks for the Credit.

8. I was never able to see the whole video, but I know i would have loved the soundtrack. I’ve been listening to The Chameleons ever since (haha), what are your favorite songs as of lately.

Lately i´ve bee listening to some French Rock´n Roll Chansons Music from the 60´s, Marie Laforet etc, Beautiful Music, Also M. Ward got my Attention by Accident this week, he´s got some nice Tunes, Adam Greens new album minor love is a good listen too. Right now I´m trying to find new music, i got fucking bored by all the stuff i had so far. It will come back but right now i need something new.

9. Has Ignitions re-locaction to Berlin affected you and other rollers due to it being the main skateshop in austria?

Not really i guess, since the scene is quite small anyways. But for the People in Salzurg and Arround Ignition its def a big loss cause i Igniton always was a good place to hang out and have a good time. But Leo the Owner is still down with all Austrians and whenever i meet him we have a fucking good time. Its all chill.

Any shout outs?

Yea. Let me think. I´d like to give some shout outs to the Sun that makes everybody of us smile all day.

You can check out his films here

~ by efficiencyiskey on April 1, 2010.

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