Sounds:Lil Wayne exclusive interview(APRIL FOOLS)

Many know his name,its Lil Wayne.You can also call him the best rapper alive.He is also the CEO of Young Money Entertainment.He’s done songs with lots of artist and has even expanded into the rock music scene.And now get ready for a exclusive CE interview with the one and only Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.

1.Where did you grow up?
W:I grew up in the hood,Hollygrove.Its in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Its the gotta be tough growing up there.Thugs,hoes,drugs,all that.
2.Your real name is Dwayne how come your rap name is Lil wayne instead of Lil Dwayne?
W:I dropped the D because I’m a junior and my father is living and he’s not in my life and he’s never been in my life. So I don’t want to be Dwayne, I’d rather be Wayne
3.Its kind of obvious your a fan of hip hop music but besides hip hop,what do you like to listen to?
W:Im a big fan of Nirvana.I like all music though.I’m not as picky as you would think haha
4.So you have a family right?
W:Yes,I have 4 kids..young money is what is my second family.Birdman is like my dad.He raised me.He took care of me.I got love for him
5.Do you write all your music?
W:What kind of rapper would I be if I didnt write my own music??Of Course I do.Ive Never ever had another nigga write my songs for me.Never have never will.Drake is the same way.Most of his stuff is off the dome.That kid is str8 fire!All of young money is ya digg?
6.Why Syrup?
W:Why not?It helps my mind free itself.Shit,Im not addicted to it.I love weed too haha ya know what Im sayin?
7.What can we expect from you in the future?
W:Expect more albums,music,new artist on young money like this one cat form cali named Ksmooth hes got the illest flow.he spits hot fire.keep your eyes out for him.hes a prodigy.i heard his song you love this stick.shit almost made me cry I havent heard somethin so real in a long time!But yea just expect more of weezy in the near future im already doin big things so expect bigga things.
8.Any shout outs?
W:Shouts out to god,birdman,all of cash money,young money,and all my niggas out there on they grind and tryna make a livin for they self,UKGRIM,KSMOOTH,BIZ,yall are the future of hip hop,my kids,my fans,thanks to my niggas from the BDC,and most of all the illuminati.


~ by efficiencyiskey on April 1, 2010.

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