COE Interview: Kevon Thompson

I have know Kevon since 8th grade english class, I got caught reading one of my first daily breads by my teacher during class. He took it and Kevon must have saw when he yelled from in back of the class “you rollerblade?” Skating with this guy has been hilarious, i have stories for days about him. He dosen’t skate as often in college but he is getting straight A’s so its all good. As a rollerblader he used to grom out like crazy at comps, but he was never afraid to jump in the session. Kevon is one of those guys who are first to get juiced at any spot and laces all these tricks he learns out of nowhere.

True top soul

1. How long have you been skating? What got you into it?

I’ve been skating for 7 years, been on the scene for about 5 years. I landed my first trick first try on a friend of mines box. the box was only like 3 feet long if that and i only slid about 2 inches but ever since then i was hooked. i started really getting into it when i meet you, Greg my 8th grade year, found out about Long Beach skate park and the rest was history.

2. You won your first competition last year, how was it? Are you planning on competing again?

Yea, Lakewood SK8 Comp. That was dope. I got of gang of stuff but everyone else got better stuff then me. haha it was cool though. I just tried to stay on my feet most of the time and i put together a pretty good couple of runs. I competed in the LMS (Last Man Standing) in my trip to New York, didn’t go to well, but it was a cool atmosphere. I don’t know if i will compete in anything soon but i would like to. Just have to up my game a bit.

3. How many nicknames do you have?

Damn i have a HELL OF A LOT of nicknames. It’s all my crews fault and like other people as well, well lets list them
Kirkland (Kirk for short)
Beast (Tennis)
Band-aid (Anthony)
Bixby Knolls Finest (Old Rap Name)
I think theres more but i forget haha i have a lot.

4. What happened when you told your dad you learned how to top porn?


hahahahahahah he patted my on the back and said “My Boy” and then Hit me in the back of my head cuz my mom heard.

5. Is it hard trying to be able to skate living on campus at Cal-State East Bay?

Actually it hasn’t been that bad, since i’ve been up here i’ve only gotten stopped by campus police once. Hayward it’s self isn’t really rich in spots as other places around the bay but it’s kinda cool to get some work done. i don’t have a car so it’s even harder. but for the most part its koo.

6. Whats your next skate going to be?

well right now i’m riding remz team 0702’s i like remz the freedom of feet structure so i think if i get some money together i will continue to ride them. it’s either that or valo’s cuz John Julio is mad dope, and greg makes them look sick. haha

7. What do you have planned for 2010?

2010 basically skate as much as i can, try to street skate with victoria as much as i can and get out of this city to find more spots. Finish up my freshman year strong, start my sophomore year finish up my new album and do more poetry slams.

any shout outs?

Big up’s to greg for the interview and all of BDC. Peace to Anthony Gallegos and Jeremy Soderberg, some of the illist i skate with, everyone that sessions Long Beach Monday nights, Vince, Keith, squid, Victoria Garza, Urban Rolling 1011 and 1045 boys, Midnight Society and all my people up here and down there.

-For those who dont know kevon has duel personalities, “BIZ” is like the really cool Kevon when he’s with the ladies or about to lace a trick. He also apeaks all cool with alot of slang, maybe we should have given him a seperate interview. Two for ONE

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