COE Interview: Jonathan Labez

Jon Labez is our good friend out of Los Angeles California. He’s a talented photographer who also has some tricks down his sleeve. He puts alot of time and effort into each photo he puts out, his photos of me really impact my skating. Im not a fan of my skating by any means, but when i see a finished photo of me all that changes drastically. Its like getting juiced off your own skating and that means alot. He is really excited about his photo of Jeremy Soderburg being published in ONE magazine, Im just as ancious as both of them to finally see it when its published. Jon hates taking photos of his skating, so one night I made history, took his camera and told him “skate.” He showed me the ropes and I took some nice shots. -You can find his work here at his flickr:

360 top soul

1. How long have your been a photographer?

Apparently all my life. I was going through some family albums a month ago and I kept seeing photos of me at ages 2-5, holding my dad’s 35mm or Polaroid. I thought I picked up before I graduated college in 2006. After I graduated, I took a beginner’s digital photo class at the local community college for fun, which made something click [no pun intended] for me. I bought a proper DSLR a year or so later, which marked a more serious stance in photography. So since then, I’d say 3-4 years.

Darkside top porn transfer to soul

2.You majored in literature in college, why not photography?

I wanted to be a high school english teacher up until I graduated. I got along with my english teachers, so I figured it was a good career move when I went to college. I volunteered at a high school while in my last year of college and ended up having a change of heart. It doesn’t help that I look much younger than I am. I graduated not knowing what I wanted to do anymore, which lead me to go to a community college and take courses to apply for a masters in library science. As I said earlier, I took a photo course for fun, which lead to taking more and more photo courses and eventually abandoning the M.L.I.S. idea. I’ve thought about going to school for photography, but I already owe money from my last degree, so that’s been the deciding factor.

3. How was your stay there?

I went to UC Santa Cruz for 3 years, 1 year at the University of London, Queen Mary.

-Jon is a ladies man, don’t be fooled.

4. As of lately you began filming, are there going to be some future edits in the works?

As soon as I build an hackintosh, I’ll work on some edits. Turns out the 7d’s 1080 hd video is too much for my 1st gen macbook pro. I don’t have any specific edits in mind, but I’ve been keeping my ears open for songs to use.

5. Do you have any new projects in the works?

Besides building myself a new computer and organizing a portfolio this year, I have a photo book project I’ve been mulling over a month now. I’d like to document the LA rolling scene, photographing rollerbladers at their favorite spot, capped or not, skating or portrait, with a blurb about their memories/reasons why it’s their favorite spot. It’s an interesting time in rollerblading lately. In the last 6 months I’ve met so many people that have picked up skates after so many years out of the game. It seems only fitting to document this moment in time. What I’d like is some input on the matter and see if there’s interest before I go for it.

-I told you

6. How long have you been a rollerblader?

About 11 years with a few breaks in between.

7.I heard you were shooting porn the other day, is that a new career move?

Ya know, rollerblading doesn’t pay the bills, so I need to make my money some somewhere.. But in all seriousness, Abel just wants me to film him and his girlfriend in HD.

8. Why do you truespin top-soul so well?

I fractured my right ankle last summer, so all I could do were left foot tricks. That left 3 tricks I could learn and not have my ankle hurt: switch top soul, 360 top soul and true top soul. I have no idea how the logic behind that works.

9. Any shout outs?
Abel for his uncanny height that makes him nearly invincible on rails, Julio with his top negatives and his skating at 5% warnings yet still kills it, You Greg for showing me how bad I was at skating around 4 years, Diego with his no fear skating, Anthony for never ceasing to amaze me and being extra cooperative during shoots, Jeremy for working with me during camera malfunctions and throwing some awesome parties, Chris showing me how to skate with a busted ankle and still putting me to shame, all the cool LB people I’ve met in the last year, Victoria G for pushing me to pursue skate photography, the monday night folks, Ben Karris for his insightful interviews and for anyone else, I’m sorry for leaving you out, I have a memory like a goldfish!

~ by efficiencyiskey on May 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “COE Interview: Jonathan Labez”

  1. Man jon thanks for the shout out. And congrats on how you far you have come with your photography and how much further you will go with your photo career.

    Greg great interview i really like the questions and i totally feel the same way about how jon makes my skating look too.

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  3. haha i dig it, jon is the fuckin’ man!

  4. I would like to start by saying John is a fierce photographer. He can look at something like no one else. He is always working, or always thinking. I love his black and whites. I hope to see more of this young rollerblading photographer.

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