CO.E Interview: Jonas Hansson

Jonas Hansson Is my favorite filmer of all time. Watching his edits on vimeo, to watching my copy of FLYGT really gets me juiced to go skate and to film. Filming has become a big part of my life due to Jonas. Awaiting his new film Traitement to be released is like waiting for christmas. After watching Flygt for the first time I immediately have been looking forward for a new film from him. Now that its in production I cant wait to peep it, I hope others who rollerblade and who dont will be inspired by his work. – gregory prestön

1. I am sure your new film Traitement will set the bar to its highest in rollerblading film history. Who will it be featuring? How many locations have you shot so far?

Dominik Wagner, Jacob Juul, Mat Heinemann and Kaare Lindberg are some of the people I’m shooting with. All of whom have something special that coheres with the feel I want to give this film. Others are getting on board to film over the next months, time will tell…

So far we’ve been fortunate enough to shoot in three of Europe’s greatest capitol cities namely Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris

2. Your last film titled FLYGT, which is danish for escape, had alot of meaning as to what the film symbolizes. What does the title Traitement tell us about your new film?

That’s a good question and possible a quite revealing one.

I’m sure most people envoleved agrees that rollerblading has gone through some harsh and confusing times in it’s short lifespan, for good and worse that is.

Personally I see a need for a more reflecting, positive and hopefully long lasting voice in this art form of ours.

Let’s just say that Traitement and FLYGT will feel like two opposite currents from the same source.

3. Is Traitement going to be in stores this time? Or with a future Be-mag issue?

When the time comes, and if one wishes to one will be able to buy a copy of this be-mag produced film.

4. You are actually a really good skater. What do you like to skate? What are your favorite tricks?

I don’t get to skate as much as I used to, but I still really enjoy strapping on a pair of blades! I’m especially fond off miniramps / bowls and transitions in general… I haven’t skated a rail since our annual New Years day session in copenhagen, but I wanna get more in to street skating again sooner or later;) Hmm favorite tricks… I guess I’m mostly into long solid grinds. Back savannah’s and sweatstance’s around corners feels amassing, same goes for 360 inverts and airs on halfpipes – in short it’s all about the flow and feel for me;)

5. Im a huge fan of your music selection. What artists do you think we should add to our playlists
If I’m limited to say three, which I often am.

Mew • Efterklang • Beirut

6. Your art (as shown is his “chess” edit) is really unique in a sense of patterns and material used. Do you use this technique in your films?

I like using patterns to seal in messages / feelings and thereby continuing the conversation. I often feel it necessary to set up dogmas and constrain myself from using to many materials or techniques.

7. I know that you have been traveling lately. So far, where is your favourite place to visit? and why?

I guess I would have to say Paris, I’m a most visually craving person and if your just a bit into architecture, design or art you will be stimulated plenty in that place.

Met great people there too, as well as other places around the world.

8. What else are you looking forward to this year?

Getting to do what I love doing the most – shoot, travel, skate and hopefully start assembling this film.

any shout outs?

My good friends and the talented people I get to work with ( you know who you are ) be-mag for all their support so far. Gregory for asking me to do this interview – which has helped me understand more about what I’m doing right know. And to everyone who has shown love for what we do and rollerblading in general. Peace

-tak jonas

Jonas Hanssons Be-mag Interview here

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