Day 4

I started the day off with mowing the backyard a bit which by the way was one of the most funnest things to do in the morning besides sleeping.

Got the camera and off to the indoor skatepark in buffalo called xtreme wheels. Never skated a indoor park before.

Josh came to pick us up, and had Drew in the backseat.



The park was really hard to shoot photos, they all came out blurry. I got sooo broke on that slanted ledge trying tru top acid, what a mistake. Not only that, there were bands playing well death metal bands. And me hot and sweaty, headache, hurt, plus roaring music was just in sane. But skating with Josh and Justin made up for it.

Josh is such an amazing skater, talent like that should go far. I have alot to learn.



Well in off to Boston

~ by efficiencyiskey on July 18, 2010.

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