CO.E Interview: Steffen Walter

When I first saw “Spectrum,” I knew he had tons of talent in filming and editing. The fact that he was down to do an interview for us, and make an edit, just really made my day entirely. Steffen is one of two people who inspire me to pick up a camera and create. I cannot wait for the near future when I visit Germany, and hopefully able to be apart of anything he makes. – gregory prestön

1. When did you first pick up a camera and start filming?

In 2002 I bought my first camera on ebay. It was just a VHS-C camera, but I´m hooked ever since!

2. How long have you been skating? How did you start?

I got my first pair of recreational skates when I was 10 years old and I´m now 24. My mom bought me some because the local supermarket was selling them for dirt-cheap and every kid from my neighborhood already got some. After a while I tried to ride down stairs and jump little gaps. My first “aggressive skate” was the Majestic12, and I´m not speaking about the one with UFS, haha!

3. Where in Germany do you live? Whats the scene like there? (who you skate/film with ect.)

Unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere (look up Borgentreich , Germany in Google-Maps if you are interested), there is no big city anywhere near where I live. The city I live in has around 5000 inhabitants, mainly farmers and other narrow-minded people. I´m the only rollerblader within a 50 mile radius (with a few park-rat-exceptions) which is a real bummer. I couldn´t skate for the last 6 months because of a foot injury, that´s why I didn´t even film much this year.

4. Do you have a job in film? Or working towards one?

No, I work as a printmaker. The company I work for produces flexible packaging and I operate huge machines that print on those.

I wanted to work in the film- and tv-industry when I was a little younger, but after a year of apprenticeship I figured that it wasn´t nearly as cool as I imagined.

5. During the production of your latest film “Spectrum” you traveled through out Germany . Which city has the best skate spots?

That´s a tough one, but I guess Hamburg and Berlin offer some of the best spots you could find in germany . Both are very nice cities and always worth to visit.

6. I always like the songs you use in your edits. What artists are you listening to?

Too many to name here I suppose. I have a very strange taste in music, and it happens a lot that I only like one song from an album and hate the rest of it. But there are some exceptions from that: I´m really digging The XX right now, as well as the all-time favorites like Prefuse73, Four-Tet, Machine Drum and so on. The new Free the Robots album is very good as you can hear in the edit!

7. Do you have a new skate video in the works?

I really would like to make another full-length, but right now there are some other priorities that I have to take care off, but I hope to film more in 2011.

8. Are you planning on any trips for 2010?

I had surgery on my foot a few days ago and sadly won´t be able to skate for a few months. That´s why I called the edit “stagnation” and used a few x-rays. Sometimes injuries keep you away from the things you love to do, but at the same time offer some room for other things.

9. What camera would you suggest to beginer filmers on a budget?

SPECTRUM was filmed with a Canon HV30 and I can recommend this camera to everyone who wants to start filming. It´s relatively inexpensive, offers HDV and some other nice features! I hopped onto the VDSLR-train last year and am really happy with it since you have a video- and photocamera in one. If you want to film and also take pictures I can advise the Canon T2i to you.

10.any shout outs?

The biggest shout out goes out to my lovely girlfriend Diana! Also my parents deserve a big “thank you”, as well as everyone who is down to get filmed by me and loves rollerblading as much as me. And last but not least you, Gregory, for running co.efficient and offering me a place for this interview!

Steffen Walter on Vimeo

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  4. Sweet unity love at the end! Skate for life!

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