Jonas Hansson Interview on RAD

RAD: Hello Jonas, how is everything?

JONAS: Besides barely getting rid of the flue, and growing ever so tired of sitting in front of a computer screen, ten hours a day on average for the last four months… Things are really good, a year and a half of working on the same project is nearly complete. Starting to feel a sense of accomplishment, damn it:)

RAD: You don’t need the big introduction, people have seen your last film ‘Flygt’ 11.200 times on Vimeo. And you were the first guy to give away your newly produced movie ‘Adapt’ for free on the internet. So what we want to know is a little bit about where you grew up and how you started to skate?

JONAS: I grew up in the suburbs of Copenhagen, I think like a lot of kids back then (95/96) I got exposed to rollerblading through the X-games – watching Arlo and Ryan Jacklone on Eurosport defiantly got me hooked along with friends and a older brother who used to skateboard.

Read the full article here RAD

~ by efficiencyiskey on January 20, 2011.

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