CO.E INTERVIEW: Chris Obermaier

The first time I’ve ever seen Chris skate was when his section on KURT was uploaded to vimeo. Ever since then I found myself always looking out for anything new of this guy because every edit he comes out with some new tech tricks and sick solid skating! Even when I watch the PARTY montage that crazy line he did in the beginning was outragous with 360 souls both ways and continuing with the line? I would have finished after that. Can’t wait to see more from him. – gregory prestön

1. Where are you from? How did you get into blading?
I´m from Rosenheim near Munich, which is located in Bavaria (Germany)
I got into Blading first by watching youngsters jumping and grinding around at the Skatepark close to my home when i was a young kid. This inspired me so much so that i asked my parents to buy my first aggressive skates.

2. Hows the skate scene in Munich?
There is some encouraging new blood around making the scene strong. And I’m quit hopeful about that. Every time I come to Munich I have a great day with those guys. There´s already nice spots around, still there is big potential to find further once.

3. Bavaria is known for its Oktoberfest, do you go every year?
My hometown Rosenheim we have a kind of Oktoberfest as well, but this is much smaller and more traditional. I prefer to go there instead of visiting Oktoberfest in Munich as the beer price is tremendous there and further it’s very overcrowded. You would find there more people abroad then German or evens Bavarian. But once a year I go there and have fun.

4. I saw that your birthday is October 31st. In the US the 31st is the Halloween holiday. Do they celebrate that in Germany?

You are right: 31 of October is my birthday. Never the less, I do not celebrating Halloween as this is usually done by small children only.

5. You destroyed the last spot in the Real Street Stuttgart competition ’09. I never saw the results, what did you place? Did you place in the Real Street Stuttgart ’10 as well?
In Fact it was a nice day, as I like street contest very much. I was very happy in the morning to seeing all my friends. During the day I was very juiced because the session was very harmonic. Although I was successful during the day (I got first place), I was shocked in the evening because I had a bad slam where I hurt my head upon a bs fastslide on a downrail.
I joint the Realstreet in 2010 too, and I got the 3th place together with gagi wagenblast. In addition i have been honored with the best trick.

6. Do you even have a unnatural spin? I see you could 360 into any trick both ways

Since long time turning in both directions is a challenge for me. My favorite turning directions is left side, however I always enjoyed to improve my right side spinning.

7. Your sections In the skate vids KURT and PARTY were soo sick!, are you working on another?

No I do not have any planning. Perhaps Moritz Biersack (who is the creator of Dvd Kurt) will making a new dvd or filming a online profile.

8. Are you planning on doing any traveling for 2011?

In March I will join the Linz contest. Furthermore I will participate several contest in Germany (Realstreet Stuttgart, Hannover etc.)

Any shout outs?
First of all I want to thank my Family, Leo Donhauser, Jon Julio, Harm and my friends from Rosenheim (Moritz, Flo, Philipp etc.). And all people who know me 😉 And of course Greg for the interview!

~ by efficiencyiskey on February 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “CO.E INTERVIEW: Chris Obermaier”

  1. All in all a grat interview. But please: Next time check spelling n grammer. Just seems a bit unprofessional… Nevertheless – good job!

  2. Hahaha. Didn’t know they sell bears at Oktoberfest. Hilarious!. Anyway, great skater!

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