one more edit about WINTERCLASH 2011

Just when u thought u seen it all, think again, we come up with 8 montages from material that we gathered during our trip to Eindhoven for the Winterclash weekend.

includes a lot of material unseen in the other edits!

1. road to Winterclash 2011 – handheld timelapse from our journey to Holland
2. Eindhoven timelapse – two buildings in a timelapse
3. Please dont smoke in the skatepark – 1st motage from the event, some gooood tricks in here by pros and ams.
4. Fritz – short clip with mr.P
5. Naturals – AB and Cosi shredin’ on the short rail during the premiere of the Traitement
6. Slams – bails and fights
7. Good times – few moving postcards from the event and our stay.
8. Flashes – main blading montage with all the best tricks from the competition. Some hammers up in here!

~ by efficiencyiskey on February 23, 2011.

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