Traitement – my honest opinion by Simon Lind

Friday night was long anticipated as I was going to see the new masterpiece of Jonas Hansson “Traitement” for the first time. Jonas seems to be the only auteur director in rollerblading and I admire him for that. His style is so unique you’ll always now when he’s been behind the camera and editing. He’s one of a whole bunch of danes that makes me proud of my nationality. So let’s talk a bit about this video:

Traitement is most definitely not a skate video that you’d put on before going on a session. It’s slow paced and filled with artistic shots that makes you relax – It’s treatment for every skaters soul. It’s the video that makes you realize why you spent so much time traveling through so many spots, cities, countries with nothing else but a pair of rollerblades strapped on to your feet. (I guess that came out pretty corny – but hey, I really like this video!)


~ by efficiencyiskey on February 23, 2011.

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