Catching up with Gabriel Hyden

Gabriel has made a serious come back for 2011! After seeing some clips from Traitement I cant wait to see what else is to come. Just glad to see one of my favourite skaters still ripping and getting what I think he deserves. – gregory prestön

1. The news is you recently became pro for shima skates! How did that come about? Did you ever plan on being pro for any skate company?

I actually just saw it on some previews of the new website, and I was stocked as fuck beeing on the pro team with all these dudes, shima just didn´t give a fuck about splitting europe and america, so i´m glad and honored to be on there now. What comes along with it is beeing able to skate Pro Competitions and who knows what comes. I also gotta say that since I was a kid i was looking forward to be pro, of course. And beeing pro with Shima Skates straight from the beginning really is a big deal for me.

2. Can we expect a hyden pro skate in the next year or two?

You better ask Shima haha.

3. You also just released your new album “White Days/Soul Nights” where could we cop it?

Actually its just an EP from a funny time experimenting with Music, if you wanna get a copy, its on iTunes or i´ll just send that thing out to whoever wants it.

4. It seems like the year is going pretty damn well for you so far, what else can we expect from you in the following months?

Yea man, like i said i wanted to come back this year since the last two were kinda off. And it seems to work out somehow, i´d love to go on more tours tho, film more stuff, do a shit load for the companys i represent and skate big shit fast as fuck.
The Next thing that comes up will be a section in the GC Team Video i just finished filming for) It may not be to long cause we only had about a month to film it in the winter/spring time, but expect some fast rough skating. I also bruised my heels on the last day of filming with kare lindberg two weeks ago, so i´ll be out for another month but hopefully recovered soon, can´t wait to be back on skates to start filming for the shima video, which will be a fucking classic one already since i heard x-rated will be behind it. I´m also trying to film for Le Seans 3, very excited about that one as well sinc eits going to be way different.

~ by efficiencyiskey on May 11, 2011.

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