Mark is definitely one of my favorite filmmakers in rollerblading. Whether it from his online edits that he makes, to his own 2010 section. Watching him have fun skating is really contagious, and I’m catching on to enjoying skating more than I used to. It’s obvious that Mark loves rollerblading, and by following his example I hope to go on the same path as him. -gregory prestön

1. Hey Mark, hows it been going for you in 2011 so far? Looks like you’ve been getting alot of traveling done?

Hey greg, life in 2011 was good for me so far. I´ve been working a lot, so not that much traveling at the beginning, but now its starting to get more. Actually right now im enjoying my last days in barcelona, living with the powerhouse guys, lots of fun.

2. I know that you’ve been working for the conference, hows that going? I’m still pretty jealous of your business trips to Columbia!

Yes, I started working with powerslide/conference last year after I finished my studies. I work there full time and am responsible for a great part of there video stuff, shooting product ads, filming events etc etc. But before everyone gets to hyped about it, i would say 70-80 percent of my work is not street skate related. Most of my work is speed skate stuff or fitness/recreational clips, because the media coverage of these sports is really low. Its not comparable to our everyday skate life, where there are 10 different xm2s/hvx/5dmk2/550d’s at every session filming 2 skaters 😉
anyway, its fun. Filming for life updates from the speed world championships last year is what took me to Colombia last year. I was pretty happy about the chance to go to South America for the first time in my life. Really different than Europe, in a positive way.

Besides the video part I also get the chance to help out a bit with my skaters side of view on the conference product development. When you are a skate geek like I am it does not get much better then that. For example, im really stoked about the fluid 4s coming out pretty soon, where I was highly involved in every part of the production.

3. “PARTY” was such a sick skate vid, have you been working on anything new? Or maybe a Mark Heuss 2011 skate edit?

Thank you, glad you liked it. While I was working on “party” I was still studying, so I had more amount of free time. Right now, it’s even harder because I edit and film all day at work. So after work going home and starting the same workflows again would drive me crazy I guess. You cant do one thing for 80 hours per week, at least I cant. So im trying to go on small after work skate sessions instead and film here and there a bit and I am trying to get better at taking photos.

So to make a long answer short: no new big video project in 2011 for me, some small online edits and taking photos, so there might be some output someday, too. And as I try to skate as much as possible, I really hope to make a small file of myself this year, too.

4.Mark, your last skate edit was fire! Can’t believe you rolled that ledge in the beginning of it! When you visited BCN again this year did you give it another shot?

Haha, that edit. thanks! I just try to not only skate small concrete parks, so I always have to tell myself to make one edit per year (what good skaters could do in a month ;))
the roll-in got hyped a bit too much I guess. I was thinking about that ledge roll for 3 years and last winter i got the chance to get it out of my head. im glad it worked out that way and I defiantly wont try it again, hahaha. My main priority being in Barcelona right now is to film, not to skate, but I also tried to get some clips.

5. In “PARTY” The Rucksack section was so hilarious to watch, how did that come up? And for the record how did you find one that big?

Oh, that was so long ago. I just thought it was fun. As i see it, blading should be not taking to seriously, its just fun on rolling toys. Of course art, stunts, self expression, blabla, everything else too. But in the end, we just do hard stuff on plastic toys.
So adding something really stupid to what we do and forming a profile with a small love story side effect together sounded like a good idea to me. After thinking about that, it was more or less a coincidence to find that rucksack at the ignition skatepark back in ? maybe 2007?

6. I know you have been skating the USD carbon 2’s lately. How have they been treating you?

Ok, I work at the conference so I guess no matter what I will say will sound biased.
Although, these skates are the best skates I’ve ever skated, and I think I gave close to every skate a chance. Thats it.
They just feel great and allow me to skate without pain. There are tons of good skates on our market, but I will stick with this concept for the next years.
And it makes talking to people about my work way easier because I actually love the product.

7. Looks like you always have the best time skating, what advice could you give to those who lose their spark?

Hard question. I’ve never thought much about it, because, well, I never lost it in 15 years. Sliding on a coping, cruising down hills, thinking about involving the surrounding architecture in your movement, create new interpretations to your urban spaces, playing a game of skate with your friends, eating shit on a trick for hours to just accomplish the self given task, having a good talk laying around the concrete after a session…. man, its all of this, I could go on for ages.
Getting into that flow movement is fun, addictive and it gives you a feeling really hard to generate by doing something else.

So my advice to people who have problems enjoying skating would be make a pause for a week, a month, as long as you want it to be, and try to see if you are missing something. Then go back on your blades and you will have the best day and so much fun again.

8. Do you have any plans for 2012? Vielleicht Roskilde mit Mathias, Jojo, Dominik und ich?

Man, roskilde would be sweet, did not make it again this year, so yes, that really would be a nice feature for 2012. Besides that, I dont have any plans for next year yet. I guess it will be some working, some skating, some travelling again. But if I say it like this, it will probably be totally different. We will see what will happen, its all good.

Here is the link to PARTY via

Mark Heuss’s VIMEO

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