Yinzer Blading: Volume 1

We were not trying to make a video. I just started editing something, and it turned into Yinzer Blading: Volume 1. We will be trying to make multiple volumes with each installment having it’s own feel and look. Volume 1 is a mixtape style format with a lot of hip-hop music and interludes. We all hope you enjoy this 15 minute journey through the streets of Pittsburgh and California as we follow the Yinzers on their blades.

*Ryan Parker and Cody Reffner remix sections coming soon.

Ryan Parker
Cody Reffner
Brant Pickup
Shane Conn
Andrew DiPaolo
Bruce Bales
Vinnie Fox
Colin Sander
Jason Snow
Matt Plasencia
Janson Williams
Codee Jennings
Tyler Noland
Junior Terronez
Nathan Sylvain
Justin Patton
Stefan Brandow

~ by efficiencyiskey on November 7, 2011.

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