fishguysII By Sean Kelso

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This is the second edition of fishguys; all fisheye filmed rollerblading at skateparks in the kcmo area.
main camera: Sean Kelso
additional filmers: Colin Kelso & Alex Broskow
The Kelso brothers
Alex Broskow
Chris Farmer
Adam Exline
Pat Doherty
Kc Roche
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Welcome Back

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What’s happing every body. we over here at BDC are starting up the site again. We’ve been gone for a minute working on Taking our Times so we’ve been filming, editing, skating things of that nature. So there for we haven’t been working on the site (Sad Face). but now that that is finished we’re all tired and feet hurt, WELCOME BACK TO EFFICIENCYISKEY.WORDPRESS.COM. It’s great to be back and it’s going to be a fun ride.


R-A-D 2011 Yearbook by Ronnie Skovmand

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Purchase by contacting

The issue contains:

– Jonas Hansson interview
– Traitement premiere
– Winterclash
– Ponycup
– RSC Roskilde
– Nørrebro Meltdown
– RSC Odense
– RSC Aalborg
– RSC Aarhus
– SRSC København
– Camp 42

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Sunday Night Skate Las Vegas January 14, 2012

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jeremy CLOE
kenny JONES
chris NAPOLEON &
Shred Silverado Ranch Skatepark in Las Vegas, NV on their inline skates, during the weekly gathering of rollerbladers for Sunday Night Skate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is dedicated to anyone who has ever made a vcr to vcr edit.

An Evening With Tony Rivituso

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The rollerblading talents of Tony Rivituso (Las Vegas, Nevada). Featuring Beezy and Chris Napoleon.

Guido Rosenkranz – Hey Dude

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This guys skating is amazing! Wish he still skated…


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TAKE YOUR TIME releasing spring 2012