Kithe Mew is going GREEN

Photos by Leon Basin

Text by Keith Mew


The past month or so since my last edit has been a busy one. I did a 7 day hike called the west coast trail on Vancouver island, have had lots of people come through Vancouver for pop contest and holidays to skate with, all on top of my regular full time job, and living life with the my girlfriend. More recently i have picked up a new pair of skates and as usual, i feel the need to change the color to something a bit more unique.

I’ve been an automotive painter for the past 5 years and after seeing and mixing up hundreds of vibrant and wacky colours the regular grey, white, and black just don’t do it for me anymore. I wanted a colour that i have never seen on a pair of skates before, would pop when filmed and photographed, and i wanted to make it look like they came that way from razors. These icon 2’s were painted cuda green in Sherwin Williams Ultra 7000 with a satin clear coat, painted after hours at the body shop i work at.

As soon as the paint was cured and the skates were assembled i was juiced on them, and couldn’t wait to see what they would look like on film. Here are a few pictures taken by Mr Basin during a Saturday session at a spot right next to the Olympic oval in Richmond.

– Keith Mew

Keith Mew Allyoup Fish // Photo by Leon Basin

~ by efficiencyiskey on September 16, 2010.

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